Website Effectiveness from an Online Retail Veteran

Are you getting full value from your website?

Larry Becker Web Consultant

Contact me today to talk about how your website can be more effective.

You’re considering significant website changes but you’re reluctant to commit resources without clear vision and a solid roadmap. Or maybe you’ve hit the wall on your site redesign project and need to get back on track.

For more than 10 years, I’ve successfully tackled challenges a lot like yours.

As a former online retailer, I’ve led the creation of award-winning, profitable websites generating more than $100 million in annual revenue.

As a consultant at a leading online agency and on my own, I’ve helped improve dozens of e-commerce sites across multiple product categories.

I’m a passionate, experienced marketer and I genuinely love to share what I know.

Turn me loose on your site. I’ll dive in and identify the changes that matter—the ones that can make your site more usable and ready to meet customer goals and business goals.

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What can you expect when we work together?

When we work together, you get a comprehensive, expert review of your site’s ability to satisfy and sell.

The work you receive takes my decade’s worth of experience with successful online selling– and applies it directly to your site.

You get concrete, specific, page, by page recommendations to optimize your site for conversion goals and customer goals.

First, I listen carefully.

I take the time to learn about your website and your business, reviewing your key metrics, your site goals and your customer’s goals, and the business problems you need your website changes to solve.

Then I get to work.

I spend days living with your site, flagging roadblocks and unearthing potential conversion builders. To provide you with user perspective as well as an expert review, I spend time shopping your site and completing the tasks most critical to your prospects.

Each of your site’s key pages is benchmarked against accepted industry best practice—and what I’ve seen really work.

You’ll learn where your site is inserting friction into the buying process, how to remove it, and replace it with momentum toward the sale. You’ll see where your unique selling proposition is visible on your site, where it vanishes, and how to make it compelling to your visitor.

You’ll be armed with best practices and design principles to help your site right now, and to which you will return as you move your site forward. Your site can sell more. It can better satisfy your customers and it can meet your goals.

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